Friday, 26 May 2017

Battle Bunnies at WarhammerFest 2017 tomorrow.

Another WarhammerFest approaches (tomorrow for those who have no clue). This is the third of it's kind since Gamesday was killed. 
So far they have been very good events with some amazing reveals. The Forge World and Black Library seminars have always been the choice cuts of the event, with the Games Workshop or Citadel ones always feeling slightly lacking. This is mainly because Forge World love to exhibit their fantastic models on the big screen to a room of fans, Black Library show covers and talk mainly of the Heresy BUT Games Workshop do not talk about any upcoming kits/races/books/events so they always feel a little behind. Their content is mainly "we just brought this out a month ago and here is our design process" which generally is already known world wide or the item has been out so long that it is no longer interesting. But that's just my opinion. 

The main change this year we think is that as Warhammer Community is killing it currently with their awesome (just as Seminar finishes online) roundup, our active contribution will be towards sharing awesome news we discover from the designers and staff, you know the stuff that doesn't make it into pictures. That's not saying that you will not be seeing Seminar coverage from us anymore, it's just us saying we are going to be improving our coverage once more. 

So. What do the Bunnies expect or predict for tomorrow?

Darien Vasco:
What do you expect to see?
- Space wolf upgrades
- space wolf unique units 
- Valdor
- Custodes terminators 
- Custodes upgrade spears 
- Sisters of Silence transport 
- 40k Mortarion and Typhus 
- Catapult troll for the Hobbit 

What do you think will be the surprise of the event?
- Forge World will get Heresy up to date for 8th by the end of July an index for all the legions. 
- First Titans for AT 

What do you think will be the new event only Miniatures?
- Chaplain

Hector Cephas:
What do you expect to see?
Custodes Terminators, upgrades and Valdor; Vlka Fenryka Terminators and Grey Slayer upgrades; Sisters of Silence Mastiffs

What do you think will be the surprise of the event?
Rogal Dorn I feel will be the surprise reveal

What do you think will be the new event only Miniatures?
Vlka Fenryka Speaker of the Dead

Drake Seta
What do you expect to see?
- Vlka Fenryka Speaker of the Dead. 
- Vlka Fenryka upgrade sets (axes, heads and more)
- Vlka Fenryka Varagyr upgrade packs 
- Valdor
- Custodes weapon upgrades  
- Custodes Flier
- Culln Leviathan Dreadnought. 
- Angelus preview. 
- Rogal Dorn 30k

What do you think will be the surprise of the event?
- Specialist Games will show off Necromunda models or a book for the Shadow Wars System. 
- Plastic Thunderhawk 

What do you think will be the new event only Miniatures?
- Sister of Silence Oblivion Knight. 
- A MK10 Captain
- A Consul of sorts. 


  1. Seen the thunderhawk in a cabinet and there's a big banner with it on, painted in red - possibly blood angels. Looks like it should be available to buy.

    My guess for new stuff is:

    Custodes terminators
    Space wolf upgrades
    Preview of Sanguinius
    Fully painted Mortarion on show

  2. I'm playing in a 2500 point 30k tournament tomorrow. But I'll be checking my phone every chance I get for your coverage.

    Surprise I'm looking for : plastic thunderhawk and demon angron!!!!!

  3. Oh man , the Dorn surprise reveal would make my year ^^

    1. Hi. Dorn is being sculpted now by Simon Egan.

  4. Try to find out what will happen with 40k 8º ed. and The Horus Heresy, please! Some schedule would be nice...

  5. I'm there, my first event other than BL Live a few times. Anybody know if the exclusive Custode will be available again?

    1. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't. Best wishes.

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  7. I imagine the event only Miniature will be either Vlka Fenryka or a thousand Sons for HH or a Primaris Space Marine for 40K. Looking forward to the ever great reporting from the event!