Sunday 7 May 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Da Badland Bruisers

Hello everyone,

I'm back again to introduce my blood bowl team Da Badland Bruisers!

I painted the team to match my AoS Orruks as it's a scheme I know well and I just wanted to get a table top standard team on the table as soon as possible before the league starts.

The make up of the team is just a standard line up at the moment, as I didn't want to buy a another box for more blitzers and black orks but that may change in time. So I'll introduce the team below...


First on the team sheet at squad number 1 is the teams talisman thrower Gorzod or 'Great Zod' as he is known to the mostly faithful and violent ork and goblin fans of Da Badland Bruisers.

Accompanying him is Gorzods competition, the younger and ever ambitious thrower Gorsnik Defflobba. At squad number 12 he is not a first team starter.... yet.

Black Orks

Next at squad number 2 is the teams captain, the experienced and brutish Ghaskull Ironjaw. He rules over the team and keeps them in line on pitch and the players always have someone to rally behind even when he isn't smashing and injuring the oppositions players!

Next at squad number three is Vargan Ironfist. A young but massive black ork who is keen to learn from Ghaskull who he calls Da Big Boss. To the annoyance of his team manager.


These orks were picked for being faster than the other orks in their armour and they are key players in the team. Although at squad number 4 is Torek Gorefoot a cocky player who likes to show off his skill and speed to the crowd, whether it costs the team a match remains to be seen.

At squad number 5 is Ulrak Skullcrumpa, where Torek likes to show off his speed, Ulrak likes to use his speed to smash opponents down relying on his thick armour to protect himself.


The cheap and expendable part of the team, these orks are desperately trying to demonstrate their speed, catching or throwing ability to the manager to increase their standing in the team. The most experienced and best lineman is number 6 Dagran Bonesplitta who seems content at being smashed by opponents and doing his own smashing in return.

For the others this is the season to prove themselves or they will be replaced... At 7 there is Zagruz Gutstompa, 8 Snargod Da Bruiser, at 9 Gorak Da Gored, 10 Dagga Teefsmash and 11 Heddrak Fistsmasha.

Coaches Comments

As far as predicting the season ahead goes, I think we have to remain realistic about what we can acheive. I think to win the league we need more black orks and blitzers as the team has very few abilities other than the extra strength on the black orks and the heavy armour. Against humans I believe we can do well, however, the skaven are an unknown team to us but I doubt we will have the speed to cope with them, so smashing them is our best hope. Finally the dwarves will be the toughest test as their almost team wide blocking ability really makes it hard for an ork team that can't out muscle the opposition.

So lets just try 'n' smash em boyz...

Stay tuned to see how Da Badland Bruisers fair this season!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane

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  1. I look forward to testing them against my Skaven!

    The scheme looks great too. I think the dags (think that's what they call the pointy paint job bits) are well done and tidy.