Tuesday 16 May 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Da Blue Boyz

Good evening iron clad inflated squig fans!

The Bloodvar Cup, sponsored by Bloodvar - the home of beer that tastes
like blood! - is proud to introduce you to the Blue Boys! Hailing from
the inhospitable regions around Black Orc Pass.  They have all the
unfortunate traits of their race, this includes the inability to see
further than their fists.  The Blue Boys are a new team, fresh from
slaughtering hardy Dwarves and Empire Troops, eager to make a smash on
the Blood Bowl League!

The team currently consists of:

1 - Throwa - Dagga Gutstompa
2 - Throwa - Grug Teefsmasha
3 - Black Orc - Snagod Eadbasha
4 - Black Orc - Gasher Slashbanger
5 - Blitza - Razorface Necksnappa
6 - Blitza - Gotrog Fister
7 - Lineboy - Hurta Bonebreaker
8 - Lineboy - Gorsnik Gobstompa
9 - Lineboy - Zagzrug Stuntysmasher
10 - Lineboy - Heddrak Teefsmasha
11 - Lineboy - Zagruz Necksnappa
12 - Lineboy - Sluggard Deathskull
13 - Lineboy - Gazark Fistsmasha (was too busy fighting to get a picture done)

We are lucky enough to have a syndicated report from Bob Bobbinson and
the coach Snotpicker Crotchscratcher of the blue boys
Bob Bobbinson:  So facebitter, how do you think the blue boys will do?
facebitter Snotfinga: its da bloo boyz, blooming can't speak poppa
Bob Bobbinson: urn, sorry about that Facebitter, do you have any
interesting and game plans mapped out?
facebitter Snotfinga: Nah, we is gunna punch the others teams in da
face.  We is da strongest.  Dos utha yella orcs is wimpy too.  Weez
gunna step on dem.  Dem, fancy pointies need a good squishing to.
Wees is gonna step on da ijuts dat fall down too!
Bob Bobbinson: So, orc tend to be less agile on the pitch than other
teams, how do you plan on getting the ball over the line?
facebitter Snotfinga: Wots da ball?
Bob Bobbinson: You get the ball over the line to score
facebitter Snotfinga: ......
Bob Bobbinson: To win the trophy?
facebitter Snotfinga: Der is a tropy?
Bob Bobbinson: Yes
facebitter Snotfinga: Can u hit stuff wiv it?
Bob Bobbinson: ......

So yes, interesting stuff from the Blue Boys camp.