Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Skavenblight Scramblers 3rd Team

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today we have a special report from the Bloodvar Cup - the legendary Skavenblight Scramblers (well, their third team!)! They are quite fame and are an international team, so they aren't really participating in the ongoing league, but they already played a pre-season "friendly" match against the Blightchester Gutter Cutters. I won't say much about that game, but I had to replace some dead ratmen ...

Team: Skavenblight Scramblers (3rd Team)
Race: Skaven
Captain: Waldgol Ripbiter (Thrower)
Coach: Wikkilichs the Grey Prophet (Skaven)
Colours: Black, Green, Red and Gold
Team Motto: "Some leagues here, some knifes there, soon we are only known as 'The Skavenblight Scramblers'!"
Owner: The City of Skavenblight, represented through Lady Atia

Starting Team:

1. Shifink Tangleslicer (Gutter Runner)
2. Mut Skitterbolt (Gutter Runner)
3. Blistok Clawspike (Gutter Runner)
4. Shifink Scattersprint (Gutter Runner)

5. Captain Waldgol Ripbiter (Thrower)

6. Mut Scattersprint (Blitzer)
7. Skeep Scattersprint (Linemen)
8. Abscitt Bloodtooth (Linemen)
9. Ratbolt Greendrinker (Linemen)
10. Gnarfbolt the Hunched (Linemen)

13. Thanghul the Reborn (Rat Ogre)

Coach's comment after their failure during the sponsored pre-Season friendly match:

"Wait, we lost against these second class vermin? Good for you that ol' Vytik isn't here to see that. Anyways, I'll better send that Lemmiwinks some kind of winner's price though - something to 'motivate' his boys. Also, can someone use the warpstone-defibrillator on Thangul?"


  1. It's alive! It's alive!!!!! Was a very fun game. Shame you can't fully join the league over here. :(

  2. Shame I can't play you, da blue boys love squishing Skaven....