Sunday, 21 May 2017

Weekly Progress Report 21/05/2017

Hi all

It's going to be an exciting week with lots of new models getting purchased. So let's see what has been gracing our tables this week. 

Ikthelion hasn't had much time for hobby this week, but managed to get a couple of games in with Darien's Sons of Horus - keep an eye out for some Battle Reports soon!

Hector has made a start on his new Chaos Dwarves BloodBowl team this week. He's built 6 blockers, 6 hobgoblins, 2 bull centaur and a minotaur and primed them all. He'll start base coating these soon.

Darien has been battling Ikthelion's Iron Warriors! He has also been working away at building Emperors Children!

I have been working on more Zone Mortalis themed or compatible terrain. This week I have completed the new Servohaulers crane unit. I have quite a lot of content backed up now and finished. So expect a lot more of me through June. 

Drake Seta


  1. Interesting take on chaos dwarves. I bought the made to order ones and am getting ready to prime them tomorrow

    1. Thank you - I figured that the standard dwarves with spikes would work quite well as chaos dwarves. The bull centaurs were an easy conversion (half centigor, half dwarf) and while huge, I figured a doombull was an appropriately armoured minotaur :D

  2. Looking forward to that battle for sure.

  3. Got the extra marines to bulk out my heavy flamers and multi melta to 10 man squads and a 10 man volkite culverin squad assembled and first layer of paint on!!

  4. Looking sharp those dwarves. Hopefully they don't wreak my orcs.

    The iron warriors really shame me, I've been slacking recently.

    Warhammerfest this weekend!

    Can't wait!