Saturday, 3 June 2017

Legio Custodes Painting Guide


You may be aware that several of the Bunnies are working on some group projects, one of the projects is the Legio Custodes. We have been gathering the force together for a while and have begun putting paint to model! Below is our guide as to how to paint them. We have aimed to keep them as true to the art work in Book 7 as possible.

Gold armour:
1 - Chaos Black spray

2 - Warplock Bronze base 

3 - Warplock Bronze/Retributor Armour Heavy drybrush

4 - 1:3 Warplock Bronze/Retributor Armour Hemisphere zenith drybrush

5 - Retributor Armour Zenithal dry brush

6 - Liberator Armour highest zenithal drybrush highlight.

7 - 1:1 Seraphim Sepia to pre mixed armour mix (pot of Agrax Earthshade/Pot of Nuln Oil/pot of Klear floor polish and half pot of Water) Wash. 

8 - Liberator Armour highest zenithal again drybrush highlight.

9 - Edge highlight Mithril Silver on highest and most prominent edges.

Gloves and Peerages
1 - Doombull Brown
2 - Druchi Violet and Agrax Earthshade.

White Rope
1 - Administratum grey
2 - Nuln oil wash
3 - White Scar drybrush highlight.

1 - Blood for the blood god

1 - Word Bearer Red
2 - Agrax Earthshade.
3 - Highlight Mephiston Red drybrush zenithal highlight Evil Sunz Scarlet

Blue jewels
1 - Abaddon black
2 - Zenithal highlight Mithril Silver
3 - Soulstone Blue (2 coats) 

The finished product:

We hope that this will provide some help to those of you planning Custodes armies! To help with more inspiration we have a whole army on the way in the coming months, so keep your eyes open for more updates. 

Happy hobby! 



  1. Not to spoil the upcoming posts, but I've seen a little of what the guys have planned, and it's looks awesome. Tin pot crazy, but awesome!

  2. Where is the dramatic difference in color between stage 5 and 7 coming from?