Sunday 4 June 2017

Weekly Progress Report 04/06/2017

Hi all,

Welcome to this edition of the Weekly Progress Report.  This week has seen solid progress from nearly all of the Bunnies.

Atia used this week to learn 8th edition.  Other than that, preparations for some Plague Death Guard have started! 

Drake's work load has eased off just in time for him to go on a week holiday.  No content, but a nice beach.

This week I have started work on a five man squad of Khenetai Occult Blade Cabal.  I've also made five bases for them, and an extra one for a Techmarine I am in the process of washing.

I've got them pinned, primed, and applied two different zenthial highlights of silver.  I'm hoping to start the red this evening.  

Ikthelion was given the Primaries Space Marines from the Dark Imperium boxed set to build and paint.  He should be posting about them this week.

Aveinus has started work on his next Eldar unit some Wraithguard

Darien has continued building his tactical squads for the Emperors Children. Only 11 more to go!

The other Bunnies haven't had a chance to make any progress due to a busy week.
Happy hobbying and see you next week!


  1. It'll be interesting what approach you take to the Primaris marines, I'm torn what to do with ones I inevitably get. Initial instinct was Raptors but the single pose guys will be too much work. Now I'm torn between home brew Chapter or Ultramarines so I can take Guilliman. I realised last night though that Guilliman would stand out like a sore thumb though with his MKVII style helmet.
    A lot of you seem to be working on brightly painted armies (In comparison),a pattern developing?

  2. I managed to get a few layers on my 10 volkite Culverin squad and their bases done, as well as bases done on the extra 5 marines for my heavy flamers and multi-melta squads!!
    Also got a few detailed (for me) bits done on my inferno cannon armed dreadnought!
    Simple but progress is progress!!

  3. I've decided to get off my butt and try to finish the forces of at least one God of chaos (nurgle) in time for the street release for 8th edition.

    For my HH ultramarines, I built 10 more marines to toss into diffrent squads, so now I can do either 2 20 man teams, or 4 10 man teams as well as other combos.

  4. Best progress report for a while! good job!

    I've been working on Thousand Sons, Sekhmet, Tactical Squad, Tartaros Termis and a blade occult for infantry, and a Leviathan. I also laid down the base colours for a Alpha Legion Moritat.

  5. I've almost finished the first Caladius Tank for my Custodes. Hoping to get it ready for my first game vs Iron Warriors on Friday. Does anyone know how to get an even coat of Angron Red applied without using an airbrush? It's worked fine on the shoulder guards but tends to streak on large flat surfaces.
    On another note I am seriously considering repainting my two Vyronii Knights in the Makabius Colours so I can get back to working on my Knighthousehold. I am seriously tired of waiting for the transfers to get released...

    1. I've only applied it with an airbrush. I have done minor touch ups with a brush, but I wouldn't want to paint large flat areas. I'd love to know if you figure out a way to do it though!

    2. Not looking good so far. I think I will use an Airbrush for the next Tanks and biles as well. Should I find out anything, I'll let you know