Sunday 11 June 2017

Weekly Progress Report 11/06/2017

Hi all

8th edition is quite the attention grabber at the moment, and many of the Bunnies are working on the new models. 

Ikthelion has had a trying week at work and hasn't managed to progress any hobby at all. Reading the Imperium 1 book has gotten him fired up for 8th though, with a few army ideas coming to mind. Expect a post on it tomorrow.

Darien has spent his hobby time this week playing the new 8th Edition. He has enjoyed his game and on Thursday gone he posted up some of this thoughts. He has also managed to build a few more Emperors Children and should have his tacticals squads done in the next couple of days.

Atia used this week to start some Nurgle Death Guard. "Currently working through the basecoats, slowly. Can't wait for the weathering!"

Hector is making he was through converting a Glottkin into a knight titan. Still plenty of work to do: green stuff the gaps to blend the chainsword into the arm, magnetise the cannons, work out how to fit the knights armour over the horns (position for holes for horns) etc. More to come this week 🙂

Ahmose kept plodding along with his Blade Occult this week.  He's managed to get five coats of angron airbrushed on, and has started to block in the main colours.  The bases need drybrushing and they are pretty much finished as well.

Kaelo has started painting a small 500pt Primaris Marine Force. He has been playing around with some colour schemes. Here is a picture of a practice Lieutenant. He isn't sure if this will be his final scheme yet as he is never happy when it comes to his Ultramarines...

I have been on holiday, but once again my attention is being drawn back to my lovely Warhounds. I think I will be working towards getting them finished soon. 

What have you been up to?

Drake Seta


  1. Been adding to the growing pile of unbuilt models whilst I still procrastinate over my Raven Guard. In other words Sicaran Venator ordered and I still can't decided what troops to have at the core of the army. Veterans? Tactical? Assault? A mix? At least (I think) I've decided not to not have Delivers in the army as I want to have each of my Heresy armies to play differently so I'm saving Terminator for the Rout.
    Death Guard are certainly the flavour of the month and those Blade Occult should be pretty once they're done.

    1. Well I love the standard 20 man Tactical Squad, but for Raven Guard I'd suggest 2x 10 men squads (seems more tactical), an Assault Squad or two, then Veteran Tactical marines. So just do everything!

    2. The Venator is a beauty. Although I've never gotten a shot of with mine, it usualy is the first model to leave the table. I'd go with two 10 man assault squads for starters, maybe some tactical support squads in Rhinos or pods as support. Or 10 men Tacticals in Rhinos.

  2. I have been plugging away at the hobby mountian, finishing Guilliman, a Furioso dred and assorted models. But mostly I am waiting to see what will happen with 8th, and the FW HH line, before starting any major projects. I am looking forward to painting the starter box though.

  3. I've finished my Caladius Grav Tank and had my first game with Custodes. 2000pts vs Iron Warriors. Got tabled in round 5 but was satsfied by the overall performance. Just had some terrible dice roles when it cam to running and assault mostly.