Sunday 18 June 2017

Weekly Progress Report 18/06/2017

Hi all

Almost halfway through the year! So what have we all been working on?

I have been pushing to finish my Legio Mortis Warhounds this week, still a way to go but they are coming along nicely. 

Ikthelion has been diagnosed with a severe case of hobby butterfly, and for some reason has assembled and undercoated a squad of Grey Knight Terminators. Though treatment continues, doctors fear the condition may be terminal.

Hector has done the foundation work for his Nurgle Chaos Knight. He's hoping to get a lot more done this week and potentially making a start on his Plague Marines too.

Darien has spent some more time playing 8th, finally getting some games in with his Harlequins. They preformed better than he expected! He has also found a some painting time and has continued work on his Gargantuan Squiggoth.

Ahmose spent this week finishing off his Blade Occult, before moving onto start a Xiphon and Whirlwind.  

He's got them washed and is in the process of gap filling.  He's hoping to have them built, primed and silver by next week.

Spectre is in Beer drinking Beer. No hobby time!

Atia has been working on Death Guard from the new Boxed Game. This week see's a Sorceror!

Drake Seta


  1. Cool stuff.

    I'm working to complete a conversion of the Death Company Castraferrum Dreadnought. I filed off all the saltires and BA icons, and will be using it for my Death Guard. Also put some effort into reposing it, as I've always felt that the stiff stance is dull. Just have to glue in new rivets to replace the ones I filed off, give his legs some new tubes, and add a bit of greeble to the inside panels of his arms. :)

    1. Sounds cool. How are you doing the rivets?

    2. I broke open a water filter and am using the tiny plastic beads. :) I just make a little divet with my scalpel and super glue the bead into it.

    3. Gotcha. Like in Masterclass.

  2. I finally got round to assembling some Custodes. Only 3 of them as a start but didn't realise how big the models are!!