Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Zone Mortalis: Servohauler 1

Hi all

I once again state that I love Games Workshop's scenery push at the moment. 

 So here is my first Servohauler. 

To paint it I followed the guide on the rear of the box (substituting Vermin fur in instead of the brown they recommended). This was done at the low metal parts to represent aged rust. This was then drybrushed over With Leadbelcher then Ironbreaker on the edges. 

The Red was done as per the guide, but with a brown base, then drybrushed up with Mephiston red followed by an a Agrax Earthshade wash, further Mephiston red drybrush before going to kindleflame dry on the furthermost edges. 

Took me 1 evening start to finish. Lovely intermediate project. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looks really cool! Great paint job and the model is really good! :D

    1. Thanks. It's nice to have a small side project which takes you away from armies!

  2. Impressive stuff, Drake! Looks great!

  3. Your servohaulers look great. Yours are the only red ones ive seen on the net. Good job man!