Thursday 27 July 2017

Atia paints .... Siege of Terra Death Guard!

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a quick post to cover some of my slow progress from the last weeks - my Siege of Terra era Nurgle Death Guard (what a name!):

As you can see, I'm slowly working through the contents of the Dark Imperium Boxed set. I love the usage of corrupted Mark III and Cataphractii armour, so I decided to paint them in still-Legion colours and theme them for the legendary assault on the Emperor's Palace!

The Death Guard next to some Gal Vorbak:

Paint Scheme Recipe:

- Primer with Corax White (GW spray can)



- Coat of FW Typhon Ash
- Zenithal layer of FW Typhon Ash mixed with a bit of white
- Shading with thinned down Agrax Earthshade


- Coat of Loren Forest
- Highlight with a mix of Loren Forest and Death Guard Green

- Shade everything (white and green) with thinned down Seraphim Sepia. I use the FW airbrush clear for this (lots of lots of lots of FW clear mixed with sepia)

Highlights and Bronze:

- White is highlighted with Vallejo Aged White - I mix more and more white into it for further ones.
- Green is further highlighted with a mix of Death Guard Green and Screaming Skull.

Bronze parts is
- Basecoat of Castellax Bronze
- Agrax Earthshade
- Highlights with Sycorax Bronze
- Highlights with Stormhost Silver
- Verdigris (I'm using the technical verdigris paint from Vallejo)


- I sponge some Iron Hands Steel and Vallejo Dry Rust on green and white parts
- Streaking with Verdigris, Vallejo Vomit and Ammo of Mig Streaking Rust Effects
- Metallic parts get some rust weathering powder

Hope you like them so far - I'm gonna be away for some vacations during most of August, and wish everyone of you a nice summer :)

Lady Atia


  1. They look awesome Atia. Love the Typhon ash white.

    Really like your Plaguebearers too. Have you done a post about them yet? I could do with a good paint guide for some of mine that I need to do soon.

    1. Glad you like them :)

      The Plague Bearers were done as test project for all kind of Vallejo Technical Paints - from rotten white, to rust, blood effects and verdigris. It's similiar to my Death Guard - start with bone white, highlight and than use lots of different washes, streaks and technical stuff like blood to bring out the details without overdoing it!

  2. As a death guard player in both 30k and 40k I love this. They look great still in legion colors but now corrupted. Can't wait to see more! (And hopefully they give us morty and typhus soon too)

    1. Thanks buddy :)

      We will get Chaos Marines and Grey Knights first, hopefully I can finish the first 5 Plague Marines when the Death Guard Codex hits *_*

    2. You think we're gonna see Matt ward knights before morty?? That would be such a disappointment if we have another draigo incident..

  3. Good call using these awesome sculpts for your 30k setting, look great!

    1. The Siege, and especially the part about the Death Guard dropping and scaring the hell out of the defenders is still one of my favourite parts! So glad they are finally doing good looking plague marines with heresy era wargear :)

  4. They look well, but wasnt the DG not so mutated by then?

    1. They were what you know in 40k at the siege of terra, they got lost in the warp on the way there and mortarion pledged them to nurgle there

    2. Indeed :)

      The DG was fully nurgly at the time of the Siege =)

  5. I had a similar idea when I opened the new First Strike box, the plague marines and poxwalkers plus a few plaguebearers would be perfect for modelling the fight on the Eistenstein that forces them to drop out of the warp. Plague marines as Gulgror and co, poxwalkers as reanimated human crew, and a few plague bearers to boot. Then I will paint up some loyalist Death Guard in mk3 as Garro and have a little skirmish game.

  6. What colors are the tentacles?

  7. A while back (2015) you painted up some plague bearers they had a white skin do you think you can break down your techniques for painting them?