Sunday, 23 July 2017

Weekly Progress Report 23/07/2017

Hi all

This week I have painted my Webway base board (see a few days ago), and have also started work on our Group's Sagittarum Guard. 

Ikthelion carried on with his Havocs this week; the finished pictures will be up on Tuesday!

Darien has completed a couple of tests for the purple for his EC. He is going for a metallic purple, the wash needs work but he is pleased with the purple!

Ahmose almost succeeded in getting everything finished this week. He just needs to tidy up the silver highlights, glue them to the bases and get the transfers, weathering pigments and leaves on.  He's hoping to get them done tonight.

What have you been up to?

Drake Seta


  1. Great progress guys.

    I've been progressing on my thousand sons.
    I have also got a lot of work done on my Warlord. Finished washing the final parts and built some smaller sub assemblies.

  2. Purple's lookin' good there. The Webway board is looking swell, too.

    Finally finished my Death Guard Dreadnought. :)

    I've started a page at if you care to look. I posted pictures and even came up with a backstory for the big ol' angry fridge!