Sunday 30 July 2017

Weekly Progress Report 30/07/2017

Hi all

Another week in hobby world:

It's been a bit of a slow week in terms of Heresy from Ahmose this week.  As well as getting married, he's managed to wash and clean Magnus and a Castellax-Achea.  He's also managed to almost finish painting Ahriman, and started building another Veteran Squad.  He also managed to squeeze in  filling a rather nasty hole on Amon's cape.

Darien spent the week building a 10 man volkite squad and 5 man lascannon squad! See his post yesterday for a bigger update on the ECs.

Aveinus has been continuing with his new ork army and has now started work on his first killa kan. Only to discover they're a bit of a pain to paint in yellow! He has managed to get the base coats down and the first wash of seraphim sepia. Expect to see the first completed unit sometime this week

Ikthelion was busy with best man duties this week for Ahmose!

Kaelo has been working on his Primaris Ultramarine Force so that he can contribute to the Fate of Konor campaign.

I have been working on a Sagittarius squad. It's now finished, bringing the group's Custodes count to 40. 

Drake Seta

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  1. I started work on the first 3 Custodes I've put together to add to my Salamanders. Got the first base, layer and highlight done plus started on the plumes. Finding painting the guardian spears a pain so next time I'll paint them before gluing them on!!