Sunday, 27 August 2017

Weekly Progress Report 27/08/2017

Hi all. So let's see what we have been up to. 

Atia managed to finish the first unit of Plague Marines! Next on the table are ... more Death Guard. And Horticulous Slimux. Maybe a certain Daemon Primarch too ...

Only a bit of progress from Ahmose this week.  He's managed to pretty much finish his Tribune and work is well under way on his Moritat. He has decided to try doing hazard lines on his Moritat - any pointers?

Darien has managed to wash 3 contemptors, a rhino and parts for characters this week. He has been doing some painting today and tested out adding some white over the purple for his Emperor's Children. Work has also started on Smaug's base.

I myself am bringing my 2 Warhounds to completion and in my downtime have started to assemble the groups 6 Legio Custodes Terminators. 

Drake Seta

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  1. never came to me atia was that good at painting ... they look amazing