Sunday, 10 September 2017

Death Guard Plagueburst crawler and Myphtic Blight-hauler rules

Hi all

Some rules for those two new units are circling the web now. Thanks to a friend for sending these in again. 

Plagueburst Crawler (>100 base)

 T8, 12 wounds, 3 attacks, LD8, 3+ save, S7 

Plagueburst Mortar – 12 inch to 48 inch range, Heavy D6, S8 AP-2 D3 Damage, can hit units that are not visible to the model 

Heavy Slugger 2x Plaguespitters (can be replaced with 2x entropy cannons, 36 inch range, Heavy 1 S8 -4 AP D6 damage)

Myphitic Blight-hauler FA Slot (<100 points a unit) 

S6 base, T7, 8 wounds, moves 10 inches, does not degrade, 3 attacks, 3+ save Has DR, 5+ invul save (daemonic), +1 to hit rolls when 3 or more in a unit Does not suffer penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons

Foul stench (enemy units must subtract 1 from hit rolls when targeting him in the fight phase)

Putrescent Fog (friendly DG infantry units that are entirely within 7 inches gain the benefit of cover when making cover saves) – 

Missile launcher – Multi melta Bile spurt – 12 inches, assault D3, S6 AP-1, D1, plague weapon Gnashing maw (melee) -2 AP, S user, D1, plague weapon

Drake Seta


  1. sorry for the bother but whoever sent that to you copied it word for word from marshal loss on B&C, so you should give him credit

  2. And Marshall got the info from the miniwar gaming vidéo....

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    2. i know, im not trying to be odious, but copying what someone writes word for word without credit is still plagiarism and disrespectful. just trying to help and promote a good community atmosphere as i know battle bunnies are good

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