Thursday 7 September 2017

Doubles or Nothing

Hi All,

I wanted to take the time today to talk about the upcoming Horus Heresy Doubles Event at Warhammer World in November; Ahmose and I picked up a ticket on Monday and we’ve already started the planning phase.

We attended the Doubles Event earlier this year, and while we had a great time, we didn’t pull off a single victory over the weekend – something we’d like to change this time around! Last time, Ahmose and I took Death Guard and Iron Warriors; while the Legions get on from a background perspective, our lists were ultimately too similar and we suffered from a lack of diversity and speed across the army which led to us surrendering board control too quickly and losing out on the Maelstrom objectives.

My army for the last Doubles event (Though I didn't have so many Siege Tyrants!)

There are a couple of major changes to this event from the last one; the games are not Maelstrom Missions this time around, the Force Organisation Chart is the standard Age of Darkness (rather than the custom one they used before), the Allies Matrix is in full effect, and the scoring system has changed to place less weight on Favourite Game votes.

The change that is going to have the biggest effect on our armies is the Allies Matrix; sadly the Iron Warriors and Thousand Sons do not get on with each other. The Allies Matrix and the Event rules mean that none of our units count as scoring, which is going to put us at a bit of a disadvantage as we stand. We’ve figured that there are two approaches that we could adopt to this; either design lists with our current Legions to minimise the effect, or the nuclear option of starting new Legions that are better allies on the Matrix!

So, are you going to the doubles event in November?  What Legions are you taking, and what are you doing to prepare for it?


Ikthelion & Ahmose


  1. I'm sadly unable to make! Doubles events are great fun! Though list building can be difficult, especially for this event where you need 2 troop choices!

  2. I would love another Campaign weekend, but all my money is getting saved now for my new gaming room conversion.

  3. same issue here : iron warriors and thousand sons.
    Issue is coming from TS who are standalone.
    So switching to Iron Warriors / Dark Mechanicus