Monday 9 October 2017

The Burden of Loyalty. Edited by Laurie Goulding

Hi all

A lovely new piece of art work for an upcoming Horus Heresy book.  

If I had to guess its contents I would say it is an anthology book including:

The Binary Succession, Ember Wolves, Ordo Sinister, The Laurel of Defiance, Restorer, Allegiance, The Last son of Prospero, Black shield and The Grey Raven. 

Drake Seta


  1. Not listened to Binary Succession yet so forgive the ignorance; what Legio is that?!

    1. I think that is Legio Ignatum.
      I hope so that Legio needed a modernised update.

    2. Yep, Legio Ignatum, the Fire Wasps. Binary Succession is about the Mechanicum becoming a Adeptus Mechanicus and the Titan Legions becoming the Adeptus Titanicus - somewhat at the end of a threat of the Imperator Titan squashing the Council Of Terra. Great audio book.

  2. Anyone notice in the new guard codex, that the Armageddon ork hunters artwork looks strikingly like the hive Escher models? Unique hairstyle, and armements. At the very least you would then have models to use from them.

  3. Wow. Love that artwork.