Tuesday 14 November 2017

Battle Bunnies: Necromunda Unboxing videos

Hi all

We have been fortunate enough to get our hands on a pre-released copy of Necromunda and Gang war. 

So I have Unboxed Necromunda and have shared my comments in these videos:

Part 1

Part 2

A few tantalising little bits. 
The Merchant Guild: Could this be the way to construct your own Gang with different Gang members from different houses? akin to the Blood Bowl Underworld Deizens team. If so that would be very cool to have such a diverse group of gangers with different skill sets. But obviously that would come with their own form of restrictions and pit-falls/grudges. 

Brat Gangs: 
These have been mentioned as gangers from up-hive, who have access to JETBIKES!!! Akira anyone?! Yes please. That would be awesome. Biker gangs would certainly be something I would like to see. 

There is a mention of Shantytowns around hives and in Hab-zones. This would be a great opportunity for Specialist games/FW to do a shanty kit, akin to the River Houses for LOTR. 

Imperial Fists, Eldar and SQUATS:
Hive Primus has a fortress monestry as well as zones where permitted Xenos races (Eldar and Squats) are allowed to trade. Wow. That is pretty cool. 

Sisters of Battle:
Sisters of Battle also have a presence on Necromunda. They reside in the Tremnos Hive. 

Lots of military tunnels were constructed into the bedrock of Necromunda. These are used as military tunnels and transit ways between the Hives. As they are constantly being updated by the Imperials, many obsolete or redundant tunnels are adopted by clans and groups, and forbidden cities are built. 

I hope you enjoy our videos.

Drake Seta


  1. I wonder if the Brat Gangs are just an update/expansion to Spyrers, or if they're from the in-between levels of the Hive, something that's never shown up in the game before?

    1. About to show my age here...

      The Brats were one of the gangs in the original Confrontation game, which then developed into Necromunda.

      They were the bored rich kids from the top of the hive. Lexandro D'Arquebus, of Imperial Fists and 90s book "Space Marine" fame was a member of one of these gangs.

    2. I'm just picturing a Dark Eldar sneaking into the hive and going:

      "...hey kid, you wanna get all hecked up on jetbikes?"

  2. With the vehicle rules for the Ash Wastes campaign, which included skimmers as well as walkers, tanks, rigs and other types, I always liked to daydream about Akira bikes and jetbikes in the hive :D

  3. Part 1 8:45 - Those wanted posters look to be from the original rogue trader rule book. All the GW guys ended up in there. Page 260. One of those is John Blanche I think