Sunday, 12 November 2017

Weekly Progress Report 12/11/2017

Hi all

Happy Remembrance Sunday

Been a slow week for all, but also an exciting one. 

Kaelo has continued assembling his Primaris marines and painting the pillars for Sector Mechanicus. Here is a picture of his assembled Redemptor dreadnought. He has left that hatches off of the front so that it has a more 'classic' look. He will be showing more of his Primaris on the 16th, including a look at the fluff.

I have been working on Terrain (as always it seems now). It takes forever to do anything when you want the end result to be pretty. 

I have also been doing the finishing touches to my Mortalis transfers (black and coloured). So hopefully I will find a way of putting them up for all to use in the coming few weeks. 

Also some good news: we will be reviewing Necromunda underhive and Gang war in the coming 2 weeks and sharing our thoughts on this much anticipated game. Hopefully, all of this gang war malarkey will make this terrain pain worth it. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. That scenery looks ace dude, great work ! I feel your pain working on it but the end results will be worth it :)

  2. My weeks event?

    As a passive hobbyist for a very long time, I've just made a purchase on eBay to see if my two boys would like an introduction. And I've chosen the way that I started.

    I bought Space Crusade.

  3. Not sure a 'Happy Remembrance' is the correct sentiment ;) but thanks for the heartfelt recognition of this important date (to me and many others)

    Looking forward to your Necromunda review and your Gangs of Bunnies