Sunday 26 November 2017

Weekly Progress Report 26/11/2017

Hi all

A good week for us and lots of purchases. 

Hector has made a good start on his new Mechanicum army. He's in the process of converting a squad of tech thralls using skitarii rangers kits. He's currently building them in sub assemblies and converting the weapons into something more suitable for a thrall.

Darien is battling away at his Zone Mortalis! More washing this week, sepia on the floors!

Atia finished more Death Guard characters - only Typhus to go for a long season of Necromunda stuff!

I have been preparing more Necromunda and Zone Mortalis terrain this week too. I have just purchased 2 more Galvanic Magnavents and 3 Plasma Regulators.

Drake Seta


  1. Having just gotten my hands on the Plasma Regulators yesterday, they're absolutely great. They fill a palpable gap in the Sector Mechanicus terrain, and now we've got tons of options for platform height.

  2. Excellent progress, can’t wait to see the Bunnies first outing at Necromunda 3D

  3. Looking good and thanks for the coverage at the weekend.
    What does everybody think of using the standard plastic Rhino and Land Raider (IIc and Phobus?) in 30k now there's Legion doors for them. Does anybody know when they started being used?

    1. Oooh. Can't confirm a date, but they were Heresy era. As you say, the biggest give away is the doors.

  4. I've assemble and primed a dual kheres wielding contemptor!
    On another note any idea what the next 30k primary will be or when?