Wednesday 17 January 2018

Weathering the Sector Mechanicus gantries

Hi all

Progress on the big projects is increasing day by day. I have finished a full half of the gantries Kaelo and I purchased now. At the end hopefully I will put together a full guide, but in the meantime have a peak. 

As you can see above, the walkway on the right has been chipped with a sponge using 3 parts Dryad Bark, 2 parts Warplock Bronze and 2 parts Abaddon black. I then used the rust/dirt technique which was shown by the GW terrain painter at WarhammerFest (great guy who painted most of the Sector Mechanicus range). This is mixture is one pot of Lahmian Medium and two dollops of Mournfang Brown mixed together. Take a big brush, smear the mixture on to an area (not too big as it may dry quickly) then with a kitchen roll, quickly wipe it off so that only the recessed areas maintain the colour. 

It's a tricky balance trying to get a piece of terrain that you can use in the Underhive (rusty and falling to pieces) and as regular maintained above ground terrain. 

Kaelo and I also managed to get our second game of Necromunda in tonight too. The Beast Lure tactic card was a very very very deadly tactic card to have, especially as I managed to drop it within 6" of 3 gangers. 

Expect more soon. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looks great! How were the walkways painted before weathering?