Saturday 3 February 2018

Necromunda Display Cabinet

Hi all. 

Some great shots of the Necromunda Display Cabinet. 

So. Lots of new weapons. Chainswords, Plasmaguns, Stub guns, flamers and a Heavy Stubber! Winning!!

Awesome times. That means I have more minis to buy and paint!!

Drake Seta


  1. Any idea when the weapon packs will be out and if they're gang specific? I'll probably needs some for Orlocks to make my Night Lord Cultists/ship crew.

    1. Just zoomed in and seen arms attached so answered my own question!

    2. FW have a coming soon search filter on their site which has release dates I think

  2. Any chance of pics of Valdor from both sides - so we can see what's on the shoulder pads?


  3. Thanks so much for the coverage! It all looks awesome!

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