Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Necromunda: Yolanda Skorn

Hi all

I decided to take a break from terrain and paint a character. This is Yolanda Skorn, a Bounty Hunter from Gang War 2. 

Some of the group including me have decided to get together and collect all characters from Necromunda and the Gang War books. We plan on taking it in turns to paint these models (or bartering / swapping turns to choose a character). As I have just finished my Escher Gang; Mulieres Mortis, I decided to keep the momentum up with another model of the same ilk. 

I was thinking about painting Yolanda with the Mulieres Mortis colour scheme, but then I came to the conclusion that Yolanda would not be one to change her garb from contract to contract (especially as she is insane), so I decided to copy the existing colour scheme for her, which I think will have a nice contrast against the Reds of my Gang. 

That’s the first of hopefully many characters down. She was a great sculpt and a fantastically detailed mould. 

Drake Seta