Sunday 1 April 2018

Weekly Progress Report 01/04/2018

Hi all

No real hobby progress from Hector this week since Thursday. Hector is planning to continue working on his Mechanicum next week by continuing building his Skitarii/Secutarii bits and hopefully will make a start on the Ordo Reductor bits he's grabbed to expand the army.

Kaelo, Aveinus and Ghrol have worked on a tremendous amount of terrain over the last week.

Atia managed to finish Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine. Some Escher parts from Forgeworld arrived too this week!

Along with helping Kaelo, Aveinus has completed his first hammerer! He’s also started building an Ork battlewagon!

I have been busy with work myself this week (thrice damned year end rush) so have not got much hobby time in recently. I have Tuesday and Wednesday work currently, so hope to get som Fething terrain finished. 

Battle Bunnies

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