Sunday, 6 May 2018

Weekly Progress Report 06/05/2018

Hi all. 

Hector is breaking up his hobby efforts and this week is doing some scenery for Age of Sigmar. Hoping to get a load of this done this week as he's off work for the whole week!

Kaelo has trimmed and assembled multiple projects and now is working his way through whatever tickles his fancy. Here you can see projects ranging from The Goblins of Goblin Town, through Orlocks to Primaris Ultramarines and a commission converted Roboute Guilliman. He intends to be very busy and learn how to speed paint!

Atia continued to work on Necromunda. More Gangers for House Escher are now almost finished (besides the bases which will be done together)!

I have been busy with a 20ft Siege Wall mostly this week, but have found some time to get some Adeptus Titanicus Dominus in (which is sooooo awesome). Shadow on Titan Owners Club has written a preview and you can read it here:

Also I am pleased that I can say that my gaming room "The Aett" has come along a bit further :) so hopefully it will be progressing quicker now. 

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