Wednesday 18 July 2018

House Malinax Knights Progress 18/07/2018

Hi all. 

Managed to get some more time on this project. 

I have painted the main frame of all 5 Knights now. They have been washed as per the recipe too. 

I have followed the trim instructions too (50:50 Leadbelcher and Mechanicum Standard grey). To be honest it makes a decent Vlka Fenryka colour, but no way near what I am trying to achieve with the trims as per the dark iron on the Porphyrion (even after washing with Nuln oil). 

Soooo I have binned it off and have ordered a bunch of obscure Dark Iron paints from online that I hope will match the look I am after. 

Also, I had a bash at printing my 28mm scale Titan banners at 8mm. This was done at 600dpi, so is just slightly blurry. I’m now considering getting a 1200dpi printer to print them off so they are sharper for AT :D



  1. Hi Drake,
    try the Gunmetal from Vallejo Game Air (72.754) it's very dark and should give you the desired result after some washes (I used 50:50 Nuln Oil / Seraphim Sepia for my knights)

    1. Cheers mate. Unfortunately just read this after painting them all again with Tamiya Dark Iron. Thanks for the suggestion though!!