Sunday 8 July 2018

Kill Team Adeptus Astartes

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Today’s Kill Team Faction Focus is the Adeptus Astartes

Adeptus Astartes kill teams are a single category – but you’ll still be able to represent each Chapter with the units and wargear you use, the Tactics and specialists you choose and the names and background you generate. If you like Raven Guard, for instance, you could focus on Scouts and Reivers, while an Ultramarines kill team would likely make more use of Primaris Intercessors.

As well as great Save and Toughness characteristics, Space Marines have a cool rule in Kill Team called Transhuman Physiology which allows them to ignore their first flesh wound. After all, what kind of Emperor-forsaken coward lets getting shot bother them?

Space Marines do a little bit of everything, making them great for Kill Team. Can’t shoot someone? Just charge them and smash them in melee! Your wargear is just as flexible, with all manner of heavy and special weapons available to your troops.

Kill Team is the perfect opportunity to build and convert that niche Chapter you always wanted to collect but perhaps didn’t want to make a full army of. From bone-bladed Black Dragon Reivers to a force of guerilla Carcharodons – go nuts!

Trading armour for some nifty wargear – like sniper rifles and shotguns – Scouts make for a thematic and fun choice in your kill team

Flexible, durable and capable of equipping a variety of weapons, these all-rounders have a place in any kill team.

These terror troops are unbelievably deadly fighters in Kill Team, scaling cover with their grapnels to butcher the foe in brutal melee and reducing the leadership of nearby enemies.

Intercessors might not be especially flashy, but they get the job done, with their bolt rifles perfectly suited to Kill Team combat.

Adeptus Astartes Tactics reflect the heroism of each individual warrior, allowing you to perform glorious feats of valour. Here are some of our favourites…

Failed to kill someone the first time around (or just trying to maximise your damage)? Just attack again – for best results, use a power sword-wielding sergeant

Perfect for a Sniper specialist, this Tactic transforms your chosen Intercessor into a deadly sharpshooter and lets you make the most of the already deadly stalker bolt rifle.

Kill Team will be launching with the Fangs of Ulfrich expansion –  a set featuring special Tactics and tokens for all Adeptus Astartes, as well as a kill team of Reivers and some terrain.

We’d recommend supplementing them with some Intercessors wielding a variety of bolt rifles

Stay tuned – we’ve got loads more Kill Team Focuses on the way, continuing tomorrow with the Orks.

These will possible be the most popular faction in Kill Team, seeing as though Space Marines are to poster boys of Warhammer 40k

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  1. I kind of wish Assault Marines were an option here. But they look solid, regardless. I'll probably end up grabbing this box even if I don't run them, just because I could use another Alchemite Stack and some more Reivers for my Theta Chapter.