Tuesday 3 July 2018

New 40k RPG Wrath and Glory

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I am very excited to see the announcement on Warhammer Community today 

Warhammer 40,000’s origins lie in roleplaying – indeed, the first edition of the game, also known as Rogue Trader, was as much RPG as it was a wargame. So the forthcoming Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay game, Wrath & Glory, is in many ways bringing the 41st Millennium full circle, as well as giving you a chance to be a Space MarineAstra Militarum trooper, or some more exotic denizens of the Dark Imperium. Here are game developers Ulisses to tell us more:

Ulisses: Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay is crossing the Great Rift with Wrath & Glory, and we couldn’t be more excited to share some more amazing details with you.

Since we first shared the Rites of Instruction in February, the team at Ulisses have announced many additional details about the game, including options to play characters as varied as Ork Kommandos and Aeldari Rangers. Some of you may have even had a chance to try the game at UK Games Expo, Origins Game Fair, or local Free RPG Day events. We’ve had a lot of fun testing it and hearing your feedback both in person and on social media. Here’s what some of our playtesters have said:

“The game has those Warhammer 40,000 archetypes that you want to play. There are good opportunities there to play characters we’ve all enjoyed… The combat resolution system is a lot more dynamic…”

“It felt very representative of the character. I felt like the living tank that a Space Marine should be, but I also felt like I didn’t totally outclass everyone else.”

Wrath & Glory has an excellent “how to play” webcomic, created by the very talented Sarah Kaiser. The webcomic – Rites of Instruction – is a perfect way for people to learn the core mechanic of the RPG. Many fans have commented that they felt prepared going into the Free RPG Day quick-start adventure for Wrath & Glory because of this webcomic. Some Game Masters even had their players read the comic before beginning to play! Sarah’s work has really had an impact on helping curious fans learn more about how Wrath & Glory works, and Ulisses North America is very pleased to showcase her art in this way.

The first adventure module, Dark Tides, takes heroes to the ocean world of Charybdion, where vile forces spread insanity and corruption. Of course, you’ll be in charge of deciding whether or not the Imperium can reclaim the world from their most hated enemies…

If you’d like to see Wrath & Glory in action, be sure to watch the two-part Box of Sorrows adventure that designer Ross Watson ran for the Bell of Lost Souls crew.

Pre-orders are open now for special Player and All-In Bundles that include rules, adventures, and every gaming accessory you’ll need for your complete roleplay experience in the Imperium Nihilus. The pre-order period runs through July 30th.

If you are travelling to GenCon 2018, you’ll also have an opportunity to purchase the Wrath & Glory Core Rules separately. Quantities will be limited, so you may prefer the certainty of the pre-order.

I love a good RPG. Not only is it good fun, but it’s a really great way to learn more about the lore.

I honestly can not wait to try this out

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