Saturday 25 August 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Progress 25/08/2018

Hi all. 

Been powering on with AT recently, so just thought I would share my progress. 

Due to tonnage I thought it would be a good idea to do footprints on my bases. The surrounds will be built up with debris/earth. 

Craters too. 

Maxilla Larcener with my first building. 

My first 3 Warlords of my Myrmidom Maniple: Glory Mourned. Still very much Work in Progress. 

Next to Adeptus John's Warlord. 

I have done 6x Imperial Knights which I plan to paint in Malinax colours. Here is a scale shot next to Col. Hertford’s Knight Paladin’s of old. 

Sooooo in all. Very very busy. 


  1. Foot prints & craters both look like great ideas to add, detail/sense of scale to base. Good to see suitably large building to provide cover for a Warlord

  2. Now if GW would just scale these up and make full scale plastic titans out of these sprues, there’d probably be peace on earth.

  3. Looking great... don't forget the other foot though.. it should also be subsided in the ground...
    Which I would dare to take the leap into AT but I have to much in 28 mm scale still to paint.

    1. Hi Agis. I will be building up the ground on the base too.:)

  4. I reckon rebase the old Knights Col H, 32mm, some rubble for height and a banner to give same presence as the plastics? Lovely AT Warlords Drake!

  5. Love the color scheme on that center engine! Also love the footprints...I finished up a test scheme 28mm knight, so now I'm about to start breaking ground on my first Warlord.

  6. Looking awesome! Am awaiting my Reavers before I get cracking, but loving the inspiration.