Thursday 13 September 2018

Adeptus Titanicus: Knight House Malinax Banner one

Hi all. 

Sorry it’s been quiet. I have been out on the Solent doing Power Boat Training. 

I have finally had a few hours to start my Knight House. I have decided to do them the same colour as my 28mm scale Knight House (so see that guide for painting guide lol). 

They are coming on nicely. I’m struggling to stop myself from buying lots and lots more. They do look great models. 

Looking forward to the Porphyrion and Cerastus chassis now to bump the numbers up. 

My 2 Reavers are coming on well too

All components are assembled now. Now Just to do the elbow magnets. 



  1. Looks awesome. Am inspired to do Malinax for my traitor legio. How is your full size Malinax knight banner coming on?

    1. Hi Jonathan. It’s on hold until I get AT wrapped up for now. Looking forward to getting back to it though.

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