Friday 21 September 2018

Adeptus Titanicus: Knight House Malinax 21/09/2018

Hi all

I have taken my Mini Knights a bit further today. I have almost finished one as a test. 

I used Klear, Nuln oil and Agrax Earthshade with a splash of water for the shading, but before I put it on I covered the armour plates in Klear wax, put transfers on with the help of Micro Sol and Set, then used ard’ coat over the top to fix. I Kleared it first to reduce staining. 

It is glossy currently, but I will bring be Testor Dull coating it when finished. 

One issue that has presented itself is: What shall I do for the shields? What shall I do for the banners too?

Well. This transfer sheet needs to come out soon!! As you can see there are banners, Red Scorpions and other iconography. 

Sooo I think they will be brought to a gaming standard and left until these sheets are released. 

1 comment:

  1. They are looking good. Crisp paint job but the colors look a bit to homogeneous. I would have liked some more contrast, especially on the metals. It is a it strange to see the Imperial Knight in this scale as I continuously keep comparing them to the 28 mm version. I think the gloss varnish makes them look a bit more toyish than what they are. Like to see them in a dull finish and with some titans to set the scale.