Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Adeptus Titanicus: Warhound unboxing

Hi all. Been a busy week, so busy in fact that I just picked up my Warhounds tonight!!

Just thought a quick sprue review would be cool. 

The legs go together very well. They are very dynamic. I ended up cutting the hip lugs off of one of mine to get a slightly different pose, this worked well. 

The Torsos flew together too. I love the iconography on the Carapace. I hope that FW make it so each option is available to the Warhound Kit in time :)

It’s great that you get two of each weapon in the pack. As I am trying to match loudouts to my 28mm equivalents, I have opted for a Plasma Blastgun and Turbo Laser for Seething Released, and Vulcan Mega-Bolter and Turbo Laser Destructor for Canticum Malitae. 

Thee we have it. Hope to get some paint on them before the end of the week.