Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Gaming room progress

Hi all. 

Been quite quiet over the holiday season. I have mainly been organising the huge array of models I have, and pouring through some new books etc. 

The Aett is coming along well. I have fixed all of the stud Wall beams in now. 

The floor is properly insulated with only the last Floorboard ready to go down after it is approved/signed off. 

I have spent a while getting the cross studs in, but they now feel like a solid structure. 

I have done it all whilst working around the stacks and stacks of hobby boxes in the room. I honestly can't wait for it to be finished now!!



  1. Great job so far, all the preparation will be worth it to make an awesome warm dry moisture free Aelt. Sweet work

    1. Damn. I wanted it to feel like a windy cave in a frosty mountain side. Time to take the roof off!

  2. Great seeing it coming along. I just bought a new house, closing on it this month. The prior owner was a model railroad guy so there is a huge room, nice and hidden, that's perfect for my hobby/gaming room so I'll be watching for inspiration.

    1. Sweet!! Congratulations mate. It’s always awesome to have a great big gaming den.