Friday 11 January 2019

Gloomspite Gitz review

Today I want to take a look at my top 5 favourite things from the new Goblin Battletome that GW has sent us to review. For those who don’t know - the faction is made up of various goblins, squigs and trolls with a mushroom vibe. The goblins feast on these fungi to reach heights of delirium and strength that they otherwise couldn’t achieve, before hurling themselves at the enemy.

1. First up I wanted to talk about the fluff! I you are reading this it is probably fair to assume you know a bit about the Age of Sigmar, but in case you don’t - The Age of Sigmar focuses on 8 Mortal Realms, each one owing characteristics to a type of element/theme. Most of the background presented in the Gloomspite Gits book centres around Chamon which is the Realm of Metal. There is a great published map which shows Duardin, Sylvaneth enclaves and a bunch of other factions nearby. I like the way that GW are slowly building this solid background and the publication of maps is always a fantastic addition! Putting Dispossessed nearby is a very subtle and welcome nod to the hatred between the factions from the Old World. The map presents a ready made backdrop for people to se or inspiration to those who would prefer their own backdrop.

2. Next up is the new range of models! My favourites have to be the new Rockgut Troggoths. They look like an amazing kit and I can’t wait to see more of them. I am not sure if they have multiple poses or builds but to be honest they probably don’t need it.

3. Troggoth army! Need I say more? No but I am gunna! The inclusion of the ability to field an entire Troggoth force is a really fun design choice by GW. The Dankhold Troggboss is the HQ option with Dankhold Troggoth, Fellwater Troggoths and the Rockgut Troggoths being the standard units. The two regular troll units are Battleline if a Troggboss is the Warlord. Really cool if you want a low model count army. They have the usual allegiance abilities, Warlord traits and artefacts to also add a bit of flavour.

4. My favourite command trait is actually the one that is for the Dankhold Troggoth in the all Troggoth army.

It is used in conjunction with the allegiance ability mechanic which is controlled by the random location of the ‘Bad Moon’ as shown below. An interesting mechanic that I think a lot of players will enjoy. For me it is fitting with the very fantastical background and this lunatic faction. It must be an incredibly fast paced moon to travel around the board like that.

5. It is great to see so many different command traits, spells and artefacts for all the different factions that have been consolidated here. It provides a huge amount of customisation opportunity that will delight both narrative and more competitive players.

All in all it is a great book and I hope it shows the direction that AoS Battletomes will be heading in going forward. 

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