Monday 4 February 2019

Kaelo’s first Warhound

Hi all. 

A fair old time ago, a reader gave the blog 3 Titans (2 Warhounds and an Eldar Phantom Titan). As you can imagine, that was one incredible gift. A Warhound went to me, another went to Kaelo and the Phantom went to Darien. 

I have finally finished Mortarion (which will appear in White Dwarf in a few months time, then at WarhammerFest), so I have started Kaelo’s Warhound for him (we make tons of deals over time, and one part was to assemble and paint his Warhound and Warbringer). 

So 6 hour is the Warhound is here:

As this is the 3rd Warhound I have assembled, it seemed to go together faster than the previous 2 I have painted for Mortis. 

There will be a fair bit of focus on Titans over the next few months, before I get back to some Pre-Heresy Death Guard and Vlka Fenryka. 



  1. 6hrs! I would still be doing toe joints after six hours! Great progress Drake, lucky Kaelo

  2. Woaaah. When I read that they'd given you Titans I guess used ones that need fixing up not brand new.
    Seriously impressive progress, as a group it seems like you'll be able to play Adeptus Titanicus at 28mm soon without calling on the Titan Club.

  3. The Machine God be praised!
    Did you recite your chants during assembly? ;)