Monday, 4 February 2019

Kaelo’s first Warhound

Hi all. 

A fair old time ago, a reader gave the blog 3 Titans (2 Warhounds and an Eldar Phantom Titan). As you can imagine, that was one incredible gift. A Warhound went to me, another went to Kaelo and the Phantom went to Darien. 

I have finally finished Mortarion (which will appear in White Dwarf in a few months time, then at WarhammerFest), so I have started Kaelo’s Warhound for him (we make tons of deals over time, and one part was to assemble and paint his Warhound and Warbringer). 

So 6 hour is the Warhound is here:

As this is the 3rd Warhound I have assembled, it seemed to go together faster than the previous 2 I have painted for Mortis. 

There will be a fair bit of focus on Titans over the next few months, before I get back to some Pre-Heresy Death Guard and Vlka Fenryka.