Sunday, 24 February 2019

Skaven and Flesh-Eater Courts Battletomes


Today we look at Flesh-Eater Courts and Chaos Battletome Skaven, the new Battletomes from Games Workshop

Flesh Eater Courts

Another great looking Battletome. The Flesh-Eater Courts are basically a Ghoul army in Age Of Sigmar made from mortal men, beasts and hell bats. Lead by Ghoul Kings they fight against the forces of order, to feast upon the flesh of their enemies. 

This book contains all the rules/background you could want to field this Age Of Warhammer army. 

There is a cool section detailing the legacies of some of the key characters in the fluff of the Flesh-Eater Courts, all sound so Mary-Shelly-esque and Vampiric. 

The art is top notch as always. 

As is the painted models and guides. Particularly fond of the Burnt Flesh. Not seen that on a mini before.


My favourite critters of any fantasy setting, and consistently the force that turns my eye towards AoS. 

Once more, the book covers everything a Skaven player could wish for. It was cool to read about how the Skaven travel the AoS realms through Gnawholes. Puts me in mind of how Hrud (their 40k equivalent pretty much) seem to travel the universe. 

Love the painting guide on the furs. I always try to utilise these techniques for hair and Beards too. 

The armour looks incredible in these guides. The ‘Eavy Metal Team has done just great with these guides. 

Lots of strong illustrations and set pictures in the book too. Love the Verminlord. 

2 great books. Worth a read