Saturday 2 March 2019

Hector Cephas - Titan Roster

Hi all,

As a quick break from the hobby side of things, I'd like to highlight my titan legio rosters and what maniples are available to them.

Legio Defensor

Warlord Titan (4)

  • "Rex Aeterna" (King Eternal) 
  • "Equites Invicta" (Invincible Phalanx)
  • "Damnatio Praeceptorem" (Archon of Damnation)
  • "Aurorae Lucifer" (Dawnbringer)

Reaver Titan (6)

  • "Legatus Immortalem" (Immortal Emissary)
  • "Religiosum Propositum" (Resolve of the Pious One)
  • "Paladinus Electi" (Chosen Paladin)
  • "Aegis Imperator" (Aegis of the Emperor)
  • "Fidei Defensorem" (Defender of the Faith)
  • "Justiciarii Redemptionis" (Justiciar of Redemption)

Warhound Titan (6)

  • "Angelus Retributionis" (Angel of Retribution)
  • "Victor Beatus" (Anointed Champion)
  • "Illustrata Morsus Mihi" (Enlightened Zealot)
  • "Eques Vigilantia" (Knight of Vigilance)
  • "Gloria Praeventores" (Glorious Vanguard)
  • "Sanctificetur Martyris" (Hallowed Martyr)

Cerastus Knight Lancer (4)
Questoris Knight (12)

Legio Undecided [Traitor]

Warlord (1)

Reaver (2)

Cerastus Knight Lancer (2)

Questoris Knight (6)

Warhound (2)

It took me a while to work out how I was going to generate the names but what I ended up doing was spending a lot of time skimming through Magic the Gathering white holy themed cards and the bible and built a dictionary of words which I could use. From this dictionary, I created around 40 different names, all of them unique and not combinations of each other; I figured the translation process to "High Gothic" would mean that I would have to use synonyms and therefore similar names may actually translate as exactly the same in. In regards to translating, that was pretty easy, Google translate English -> Latin and then tweak using synonyms and such.

As mentioned, I have about 40 names total so I have another 20+ names which could potentially be useful for the rest of my titans - there are some particularly grandiose but not dripping with religious reference names that I can use for those but I want to see what legio I end up with first!

Until next time,

Hector Cephas


  1. High Gothic is designedfor just this, pidgeon Latin that sounds great! I have Canis Bellum “Dog Of War” (Warhound) and Dominus Victoria “ Lord of War” (Warlord) so High Gothic is awesome for that!

    1. Yeah! Deliberately wanted to do High Gothic names to make them sound the part - I'm glad you approve :D

  2. You might want to watch out for your word endings. I really admire your dedication to name all of your engines in Latin, but I trust Google translate about as far as I can throw it. As a classicist, I would recommend looking for a good solid English to Latin dictionary and a Latin Primer (grammar book) in your local second hand bookshop.

    Latin is very much like English in that it has lots of synonyms. You can often find a much cooler sounding adjective or noun than Google translate will offer. For example, searching for killer / assassin will yield about 10 results. Some sound cooler than others!

    After that it is key that you get your cases correct (subject, object, genitive(possessive) etc.), hence the primer.

    Or, don't give a damn about any of that because the number of people who realise you've done anything wrong is very limited!

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I figured I would get away with it because in all honesty "High Gothic" from what I understand is Latin-like rather than Latin so that is kinda why I went to Google translate simply to make them Latin sounding. The reverse translations for most of the names weren't even close to the original; I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't cheat and highlighted that it wasn't that great anyway.

      Sadly, I've already ordered some name plates for my bases so the horrific translations are going to stay so it's not like a don't give a damn that that's the case but I will keep in mind the above for my next traitor titans :)

    2. Fair enough! It's nice just to have named engines really!

      It's an impressive roster.