Saturday, 2 March 2019

Hector Cephas - Titan Roster

Hi all,

As a quick break from the hobby side of things, I'd like to highlight my titan legio rosters and what maniples are available to them.

Legio Defensor

Warlord Titan (4)

  • "Rex Aeterna" (King Eternal) 
  • "Equites Invicta" (Invincible Phalanx)
  • "Damnatio Praeceptorem" (Archon of Damnation)
  • "Aurorae Lucifer" (Dawnbringer)

Reaver Titan (6)

  • "Legatus Immortalem" (Immortal Emissary)
  • "Religiosum Propositum" (Resolve of the Pious One)
  • "Paladinus Electi" (Chosen Paladin)
  • "Aegis Imperator" (Aegis of the Emperor)
  • "Fidei Defensorem" (Defender of the Faith)
  • "Justiciarii Redemptionis" (Justiciar of Redemption)

Warhound Titan (6)

  • "Angelus Retributionis" (Angel of Retribution)
  • "Victor Beatus" (Anointed Champion)
  • "Illustrata Morsus Mihi" (Enlightened Zealot)
  • "Eques Vigilantia" (Knight of Vigilance)
  • "Gloria Praeventores" (Glorious Vanguard)
  • "Sanctificetur Martyris" (Hallowed Martyr)

Cerastus Knight Lancer (4)
Questoris Knight (12)

Legio Undecided [Traitor]

Warlord (1)

Reaver (2)

Cerastus Knight Lancer (2)

Questoris Knight (6)

Warhound (2)

It took me a while to work out how I was going to generate the names but what I ended up doing was spending a lot of time skimming through Magic the Gathering white holy themed cards and the bible and built a dictionary of words which I could use. From this dictionary, I created around 40 different names, all of them unique and not combinations of each other; I figured the translation process to "High Gothic" would mean that I would have to use synonyms and therefore similar names may actually translate as exactly the same in. In regards to translating, that was pretty easy, Google translate English -> Latin and then tweak using synonyms and such.

As mentioned, I have about 40 names total so I have another 20+ names which could potentially be useful for the rest of my titans - there are some particularly grandiose but not dripping with religious reference names that I can use for those but I want to see what legio I end up with first!

Until next time,

Hector Cephas