Saturday, 11 May 2019

Specialist Game Seminar

Specialist Game seminar. 

Sorry no pictures (not allowed in seminars any more).

Adeptus Titanicus. 

Plastic Porphyrion is coming out in next few weeks or months (very soon) and Command Terminals. 2 Per pack. 

Loyalist and Traitor “Titans of Legends” is coming out (theses are specialist named character Titans). 

Loyalist and Traitor Stratergy packs are coming too. 

Loyalist and Traitor Legio Dice are coming (not Legio specific)

Reaver Titan Warp Missile and Reaver Carapace Vulcan Mega Bolter in Resin

Questoris Knights Upgrades on a sprue including the Carapace Weapons etc (Questoris box will be updated to include this sprue). 

Blood Bowl

Halfling Team coming. 

Deeproot Strongbranch is a big oak tree man. 

Willow Rosebark is coming soon. Cracking model. 

More inducement cards coming (Rules information which you have to hand) 

Next team is: Wood Elves!! Look great too. 


Ammo Jack and Domerunner are incredible models in a pack. 

Delaque Weapons packs look fantastic. Snipers, Web Gauntlets and flamers. 

Delaque heads are coming soon. Look great. Lots of optics. 

Kal Jericho and Scabs are coming as a plastic release. 

Next book is the Book of Peril. Badlands and Bad people. Venator Gang list. 

New Dramatis Personae

Detailed rules for active terrain. Active Industrial terrain to carnivorous underhive fungus. 5 new Badzone scenarios and a badzone Trading Post. 

Badzone environment cards. Region Soaked with the power of Chaos, Radiated section etc. 

Card sleeves. Are coming. 

Aaaand. . .next Gang is: Enforcers. Teaser video coming soon. 

Questions and Answers

Battlefleet Gothic a couple of years off as it is such a big project. 

Spyres are still a possibility. 

Titan Chassis: bigger than a Warlord (not Imperator and Light Scout are something they want to do for AT). 

Epic maybe one day. 

More Squats are possible in Necromunda. 

Aeronautica Imperalis was teased in a dog fight video!!!