Sunday 23 June 2019

Thousand Sons Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, just been trying to get things sorted out but life happened which meant I didn't have much free time to post here. However, all the free time I had was spent planning what's next for my Thousand Sons - though it may be better if I rename the project as it's turning into something a bit bigger!

I've been busy sourcing the last bits of my legion roster and I can now tell you exactly what I've added since the Horus Heresy Doubles ToS:

  • 3x Castellax-Achea (not built yet)
  • 10x Ammitara Occult Cabal (partially built - needs some green stuff work and bases)
  • 6x Bolter Marines (built - so my veterans can be fielded as 10 man tacticals)
  • 4x Heavy Bolter Marines (built - inc. sergeant, so my heavy bolters from my veteran squads can form a heavy support squad)
  • 10x Scarab Occult in Tartaros (built but needs bases)
  • 1x Legion Command Rhino (built, awaiting spray day)
  • 2x Legion Omega Tank Destroyer (1 featured at the event, 2nd unbuilt, both still have work outstanding)
  • 1x Fire Raptor (built, awaiting spray day)
  • 1x Vigilator (built but needs base)
  • 1x Champion (built but needs base)
  • 1x Master of the Signal (built but needs base)
  • 2x Xiphon Pattern Interceptor (not built)
  • 1x Osiron Dreadnought (not built)
  • 1x Magister Amon (not built)
  • 1x Magnus the Red (not built)

As you can see, that's quite a bit to do and I've managed to progress some of it too so you can look forward to more progress on these over the next few months.

Also, as I mentioned before, this is turning into a bigger project - the doubles event has inspired me and I've decided to scrap my Mechanicum project entirely however I will be using the Skitarii torsos and robes as the base of a huge conversion project instead. I'm planning on making a small Prospero Spireguard army that can be used as an allied detachment or a small scale army in its own right so we can do Prospero themed scenarios in the future.

I'll have a lot to show going forwards and hopefully won't be incommunicado for as long. I still have my Adeptus Titanicus things to do on top of all this after all so certainly got a lot of things in my backlog!

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

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