Thursday 5 September 2019

Aeronautica Imperialis: How will you paint yours?

So there are millions of camouflage designs out there on the internet. I personally like the old WW2 British Schemes (and some of the American ones). Here is a selection that I have shortlisted for myself. Please feel free to comment on your choices or what you are doing.

 Edging towards the Old Meteor scheme above as my favourite.

Maybe the old Vulcan camo for the Marauders though :)


  1. As a game it just hasn't drawn me in I must admit.

  2. I would go with the F14 scheme... but then again that might just be because it is a F14.

  3. I'm going either Russian Blue/Grey or Israeli Tan/Green/Brown

  4. My Thunderbolts are getting the Blue Angels look