Monday 21 September 2020

Necromunda: Grendl Grendlsen Squat WIP in Rogue trader colours

Hi all

Been after this model for a long old while now. I got into this hobby when Squats were still commonplace ant the RTB01 box was available. I remember looking at the brilliant Squat models, Airships and Gyro-copters and thinking that I would love to do an army of them when I had the cash.

Anyway, time moves on and the Squat Homeworlds are thriving again apparently, so let hope we will haves some more of this great race. 

So he is currently WIP. Most of the time I like to follow the existing schemes for models, especially Character ones. This time though I thought why not use an old Rogue Trader era colour scheme. 

So I did a quick search and found the old boxes I used to see when I frequented the model shops as a wee one. 

So I am trying to match this scheme (especially the guy on the front left getting a chest hit). 

So far he is very WIP. 

For the quilted armour I used Khorne Red with a AK interactive panelliner and streaking grime mix for the recesses (comes up slightly glossy like his jacket does). 
Green was Death World green layered up with a more sandy green. 
Yellow bits were Averland and casendara yellow glaze. 

Still a long long way to go!!


  1. Great old school colour, I had several of these plastic box sets, my first 40k Army was Squats with Trikes, Bikes, Exo Armour and Living Ancestor sidecar...