Saturday 28 November 2020

Codex Supplement: Blood Angels review

Hi all

Got the new Blood Angels Supplement in hand and it’s lush. 

It’s got a lot of info about how the Red Thirst and the Black Rage and how it effects the new Primaris range (with some Primaris being inducted into the Death Company). 

Lemartes is still kicking along (on borrowed time as surely his formidable Willpower cannot keep the rage at bay indefinitely). 

Captain Tycho can be fielded in both Gold and Black flavours (post 3rd war of Armageddon). The Forlorn Hero (Aura) is  awesome if you are fielding a large Death Company force. 

Dante and Seth really should be Primaris’d up soon (in my opinion) as they are both great characters. 

The Flesh Tearers have a little section which is excellent as they are such a beautiful army. They even have two Strategems in the book and 3 Warlord Traits. 

Another good book. Would be good to have some painting guides in there too though. 


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