Sunday, 31 January 2021

Projects aplenty.

Hi all
Sorry been a bit quiet the past couple of weeks, me and Lauren are moving homes shortly and combining/selling items/selling houses has been really up there with our priorities. 

Lauren has managed to get her second Escher ganger finished. She has followed an excellent guide for the Leopard spots on Mel B’s attire and is now looking awesome. 

We are really looking forward to a dungeon/city crawler soon so we are really excited for the Cursed City. 

The new Warmaster is an incredible model and we can’t wait  to get our paws on it. 

An event I help run was featured in the White Dwarf which was excellent. 

I knocked out a Palanite Enforcer (weather means I can’t get the airbrush out currently so my Secutarii project has stalled). 

We have found a bit of time to play some other board games like Ticket to ride. 

Also managed to play some 40k with the kids :)

Lots more posts to come.