Sunday, 4 April 2021

Cursed City: 2x games in

Hi all

I have managed to have two games and a tutorialso far of this great game. We played the Tutorials first and these were very simple. Really helped us understand the game quickly. 

The first proper mission (a hunt) was next. Lauren and I played it for 4 hours as we got used to the rules. We managed to win as the hostiles level was 0 (as we were beginners).  It was good fighting some of the bosses, and the game has a slight Zombicide feel to it which is good. 

I then played my second game with my 6 year old this morning. He really grasped the rules quickly and it held his attention for the whole 2 hours (he is normally quite fidgety lol). 

Really enjoying the game so far and can imagine getting all the expansions too!

Battle Bunnies.