Saturday 3 April 2021

Cursed City: The 60 models assembled.

Hi all

We are very fortunate to have been sent a review copy of Cursed City. 

We have been assembling the models over the last three nights and reading the background and it is brilliant. I think GW really have pulled it out of the bag with this game. 

The heroes:
(The Kharadron actually comes with an errata in the box), we did notice at least one other numerical order on the assembly guide though. 

So the boxed game is as deep as the Blood Bowl box which shocked me. 

Models like the Skeletons and zombies actually have been designed very cleverly. Imagine for back and rear arm model 1 and model 2, the frontages of these can be swapped round with either 1 or 2 to make two very different models (same with the backs of the zombies). 

The Vampire models are great too. 

The Wolf and hi Ogor guard:
Mysterious objectives. I really like the felines!!

The Chamberlain and his host!

We will be putting up our unboxing video later tonight :)

Battle Bunnies. 

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