Monday 19 April 2021

Cursed City: Ulfenwatch

Hi all

So I have finished my Ulfenwatch.

So I undercoated them black. 
The Armour is Drybrushed up with Lupercal Green, followed by semi edge / chipping highlighting of 1:1 Lupercal green and Dawnstone. 

Shield is simply Runelord Brass, followed by a agrax earthshade wash, then a thin wash of Nihilakh Oxide, with a further sporadic agrax Earthshade wash with a light drybrush of Runelord Brass again. 

Robes and cloak were Gal Vorbak, layered up with 1:1 GalVorbak/Word Bearer, followed by a further Word Bearer red edge highlight. 

Great models to paint and assemble. 

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