Saturday 6 November 2021

Adeptus Titanicus Warmaster Iconoclast Titan started

Hi all

A massive thank you to Games Workshop for the review copy of the new Iconoclast Warmaster Titan. 

This copy has caused a good debate in our household in terms of how effective this would be on the gaming table. What I really like about it is that you have the plasma blastguns mounted in the shoulders as an option (and the Cruciator Gatling Array as a decent shield stripper) as well as the close range weapons which I think makes it much more playable than I originally thought as it’s still not a fast moving Titan so getting it in hand to hand is going to take some work. However the close quarter weapons look pretty intense so if you do manage to charge it in, it’s going to cause some serious damage. 

Drake disagrees, he still thinks a full set of long range weapons are preferable on this Titan. I can’t wait to get it built and painted and on the board for a trial to see the outcome! 

Also if you weren’t so keen on the head options in the original Warmaster box, the Iconoclast comes with 5 different head options!! I think Drake will be raiding my head varieties for his (and seeing if he can utilise any parts for his Warmaster) …And yes, I decided I’d sit in the pub and do some assembly 🤣

Honey the Destroyer 

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