Sunday 30 January 2022

Wolfspear Chapter Ancient and Vigilus Alone

Hi all. 

So these past few weeks I have been working on the new Ancient model which just went up for Pre-order. Let’s have a look at this model and what the new Ancient rules for Banners in Vigilus Alone bring to the table. 

Firstly the model. I decided to do the alternative build for the Ancient and Wolfspear it up a bit. I decided to remove all of the iconography on the main rectangle of the Banner itself, which involved a lot of awkward sanding. I chose this as I wanted to put a decal (which I made from a photo out of the Wolfspear White Dwarf magazine), and I thought it best to remove the more regal elements. I looked at the existing Space Wolf references for Chapter Banners and thought it would look cool. 

Then I decided to give him a bombastic roaring face. At the moment as Wolfspear are not a really old and established Chapter I decided to steer away from big old beards. 

Added a few flourishes and voila, my Wolfspear Ancient. 

So with Ancients in a Company I always viewed them as a necessity when building a Company (or Jarldom in this case) as every Company has one. But I thought they would never see the light of day because they were a bit meh. 

But after reading the new Vigilus Alone book that we had been sent, my opinion has changed quite a lot! So firstly the banner technically levels up. . . . That makes more sense than it sounds. So your Ancient goes to battle, he screams “Death to the foes of the Emperor” and waves his lovely flag. That INSANE battle brother tries his best to encourage his brothers on by carrying the most unstealthy item under the sun. So when he is there, obviously battle brothers are drawn to him in defence and unity and the aura he projects is one of strength. 

So if you are playing the Crusade rules, the model gets renown points during battle turns and battles, based on what he has achieved. These can be used AS POINTS to upgrade the banner and get it repaired should it get damaged when he falls. 

To get points, you are encouraged to put the Ancient in some hairy situations such as destroying enemy Characters, waving the flag in their deployment zone or capturing objectives. 

But with the ability of spending 15 points to get an energised staff, which gives you 1 extra dice  which if the attack hits causes D3 Mortal Wounds. Or Glorious Finial for 25 pts which gives a core unit or character within 6” a 5+ Inv save! He is fast becoming a defensive objective taking must have. 

The banner can take 3x damage before it is destroyed. Each of the 3 different Damage results, reduce the Banners effects. It costs 10pts to repair each damage which is good though. 

Great model and great rules from the new book. Thanks to Games Workshop for the review items!

The Vigilus Alone book itself is the most Grim-darky Campaign book I have seen for years. The War of faith Campaign system is a most for any Word Bearers, Sisters of Battle, Black Templar or zealous Genestealer Cult army. 

The book has 3x new legendary missions, army rules for Order of the Bloody Rose and Vanguard Spearhead (which would be very good for Wolfspear so I will build a nice force at some point utilising this list). 

It also has rules for the new Fronteris terrain (which looks awesome) and I am already imagining using them for the upcoming Necromunda Ash Waste box!

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