Saturday 30 April 2022

Necromunda: Ash Waste scenery review and painting guide

Hi all

Hi all. We have received a copy of Necromunda Ash Wastes for review. 

The scenery has been assembled part by me, and painted by our Contributor Rob Wolters. He is an absolute machine when it comes to techniques and technical weathering. 
Here is how he achieved the Hab terrain and walkways. 

Rob: after looking at the terrain in the box and on the box art, I decided to do a very light green grey scheme, with flaking paint and sun bleached orange stripes/spot colours. 

Zenithal highlighting first with Corax White which will be followed by the rust coat then the Chipping medium. 

Did I ever say I love rust?  This is the underneath of the walkways :)

Dirty work but here is a pic with the rust layer on, just need to seal it in and can then start on chipping medium and top layer. The rust was done mostly with pigments over a base of rhinox hide and Doombull brown. This was then varnished before the chipping medium. 

This is after the final layers have been added and chipping/light oil wash. Here you can see Inside roof detail, not sure why I did all the details as you cannot see any of Really cool that you can take the roofs off to easily facilitate the gaming!
To get the faded green, I went over the rust with thinned Vallejo light green blue but I suppose ironrach/deepkin skin will give a similar colour.
The orange red stripe was Khorne red, then stippled mephiston, Troll slayer and the mixed troll slayer with white to make a faded orange. 
A combination of firm brushes etc were used to remove the top layer of paint in areas to return to the rust layer. It was then sealed, oil washed and sealed again!!

And here we have the scenery out on the mat!

Covers a fair bit of the playing mat. I think it's a bit over weathered but it's just terrain [I don’t lol, considering the environment! - Drake Seta] added a bit of colour on the ladders to break up the monotone of the wastes. 

With all the pylons I started quite rusty and worn at the lower section, to a less weather beaten top area, figured it would be better maintained at the functional sections

Same applies to the inside, it's a little cleaner than the outer shell.

Thanks to Rob for all his incredible work on this project. We will have his Orlock gang up tomorrow for pics! Hopefully a game will be had midweek too!!

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