Saturday 4 June 2022

Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness review and unboxing video of Rhino, Kratos and Special Weapons

Hi all

Over the next few weeks you will see lots of Horus Heresy Coverage! So please come back daily to see what we have going on! 

So to start with me have an unboxing video! Watch as we pour through the samples we were sent for review and discuss the books and sprues!

We will also be looking into the new Contemptor to find how dynamic the new model is! Come back tomorrow for @Eyecon74 ‘s amazing work!

Tomorrow we will be looking into the Dark Angels Legion!

With the new edition we will also be delving into the one constant question which has been ongoing from m2 to m40; who is the toughest Primarch!!

We will be starting with Angron vs Mortarion and going from there! Each Primarch will take it in turn to charge the other for two duels, and we will Mathammer it up too!

Thanks to Games Workshop for the samples too!

Battle Bunnies

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